Quality Control

There are much to do in Saffron Quality Control due to traditional farming system in Kashmir and this fact that each acre yields about 4 kilos of saffron (From 150,000 up to 190,000 crocus flowers, about 1 kilo saffron is extracted).

There are few farmers in Kashmir that their farm is larger than an acre. And as saffron specifications depend on saffron flower processing and each farmer processes its saffron itself, so each few kilos of this product has its own specifications.

An international standard for saffron is available ( ISO 3632-1:1993 ). Saffron in filaments is classified into four categories according to its floral waste and extraneous matter and many other specifications. At each category, we check the specifications to conform to or even exceed the category standards.

Higher quality is not acquired just by adding supervising, inspecting and monitoring steps.

Horizontal management, valuing team working and hard working, training plans, Research and Development, paying attention to employees' rights and their physical and psychological health, being in connection with final consumers and commercial clients and continuous activities for acquiring better understanding of target market situations are some of our efforts for improving our quality.

The above report can be furnished (on request) with the dispatch of your Saffron consignment.

Quality is the first priority for us. We make sure that each purchase from our suppliers is of the topmost quality & without any compromises. However, a trial would speak more than any number of words.